New Reptibreeze Large? CHECK FOR RIPS!!


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I recently purchased 4 Reptibreeze Large (18×18×36) online from a reputable company. Two last week, and 2 this week.
Got around to setting them up, and three of the four have ripped screens. The fourth is not ripped, but you can see a bulge where the screen was stressed. The rips vary in size from an inch or so to over four inches. But EVERY RIP is in exactly the same spot on the cages. The back panel, along the side marked "G" , right along the crease where the screen and frame meet. Just about halfway down the rail.
I paid attention when unpacking the last one to see what could be the cause. The plastic bottom piece is packaged against it.
With both orders, the retailer I purchased from boxed the two cages inside another box. Very securely packed, with a large portion of the shipping box being double layer cardboard. Both the shipping box and the individual cage boxes were in very good condition. And has offered to do whatever I want to make it right.
But this is not their fault. It is obviously an issue occurring during the packaging at the factory.
I plan on reaching out to Zoo Med tomorrow with the situation. I have had excellent customer service any time I have needed it. Hopefully the trend continues.
So if anyone around here has purchased an Large recently, be sure to check it over!
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