New panther licking everything

I have never opened a panther before just veiled and my baby panther keeps licking everything, and i do not mean like hes drinking water or trying to eat something.. hes actually lickinhg my hand, his branch, a box.. I am assuming just like a snake he is actually picking up scents however my veiled didn't do that at all. Is this weird? Or normal? :confused:
Normal! Panthers, carpets and a few other species are known to do this. Cute right?

Yeah it's adorable I just never had a clue, I've been around quite a few and they have never licked me. Glad to hear its normal.
this is my guy licking my arm , I just took these tonight - he also licks everything, even my face - :eek: it feels so strange, but also cool in a way :p
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Ya my little Scrill loves to ick everything. Especially when there's something new I put in her cage. Since Chameleons don't have the best sense of smell they lick things to see what it is. Kind of like a dog.
It does feel funny, but that's the first thing Squee does after climbing on me, lick me :)
Only my panthers do it.
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