New Panther Chameleon not sure on age/sex any help?


So we got another Panther Chameleon last night late and he/she came out to eat and was able to get a couple pictures. Any input on the sex and age with this one? Looks to be about the same size as the other female I got so 3/6months. Tail looks larger at base so I guess male. In a couple pictures seems to see the bulge.



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id say female and 6-9 months. Although the coloration and horizontal white lines kinda indicate male. Unless its a super late bloomer id say you have a pretty colorful female.


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Didn't you just get your first ever chameleon on Tuesday...? And you've already purchased a second one just two days later?

It's clear you don't have a solid handle on husbandry or identification yet. It would have been much more responsible to let your first girl settle in so you could give her your full attention and make sure you know what you're doing before getting another. Moreover, females come with unique challenges and are not usually recommended for beginners and now you have 2. Do you have lay bins set up for them yet? You will need them.


Yes have a Lay bin for the first one and made a 2nd cage for the other chameleon where they can not see each other. will be making lay bin number 2 tonight.
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