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Built my first outdoor enclosure and wanted to see if everything seems fine. Let me know about anything I might need to know or have possibly overlooked. Also if anyone has kept there chams outside what would be things to really pay close eye on?
Mostly PVC and zip tied. I have a large hibiscus plant as the main and two growing pothos towards the bottom. Some vines and branches. I have added several more horizontal branches since taking the pics. I mist 4-5 times a day and use ice to drip 2-3 times a day at the same times as misting. He gets direct morning sun for about 4 hours and the rest is in shade. I live in central Texas and it gets hot but he seems fine and not bothered at all. Day temps are around 95+ but he is in complete shade at these times. His cage is around 90 towards the top and 83-85 at the middle and bottom. His sleeping temps are around 75-85. He tends to get in the sun in the mornings and stay in the middle during the day then back to the top at night. He is eating fine and drinking plenty.
So.... some questions I have.
Should I use my basking light when he gets that much natural sun?
Should I back off using calcium with d3 if he is in natural sun?

Let me know your thoughts!!!!!

Last pic is of his view off the balcony


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Looks like an awesome setup! Just be careful with that heat! I live by Fort Worth and I would be hesitant to keep my Cham outside for too long, although Jackson's are more sensitive to heat. Just make sure to keep him hydrated and maybe have a plant inside for him if it gets too hot during part of the day.
I don't know why the pictures came out sideways, here is an updated right side up one!


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