new mistking seting up tomorrow


Friendly Grasshopper
so i purchased a mistking set up todo my 2 cages and i am going to set it up tomorrow, i am pretty handy and have it figured out but was just wondering if anyone had any tips? as well as do we need a diy install thread on this?

thx hoj
I don't know, there may very likely already be threads about this, but if you felt like documenting, go ahead & make one, I'll be getting one soon (once I get drainage figured out properly) and I am NOT handy. Lol. Especially if you're doing one that goes to both your cages from one system, cause that's what I'll need too.
Nice to see Amherstburg representin' ;-) ??? FYI, Vivarium Store in LaSalle now stocks MistKing systems. I'm just setting up a demo tank for them.
Lol, woo yeah, the big 'burg! :)
I wondered why they didn't sell them yet, good to hear there's instant-access, but I was just going to order it straight from you, signed up for your site the other day.
Anyway, yeah I'm eager to get one, probably in the next week or two, just have to straighten out a good drainage setup first. Cages are on my dresser, popular as the wet-t-shirt look is, don't really want to drench my clothes. Lol. I have bins in there now but there's spaces between. Figure i'll watch these guys' behavior for a week or two, sort of judge the best plant/spot to use for their main misting and set drainage focused on that, then install the mistking on the favourite drinking spot & hand mist the rest of the plants. I will probably need some setup guidelines (very obvious, as in spell it out for the tool-handicapped) when the time comes though, so be prepared for questions. :)
Just make sure you push the tubing ALL The Way IN, I thought I did but I was wrong and had water spraying everywhere in my carpeted room. Thankfully my BF wasn't home.
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