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Hello all. I have posted here once before but failed to introduce myself, or more importantly my chameleon. My name is Eric, I am a twenty-one year old college student from Tampa. I have kept reptiles my entire life, initially iguanas and geckos. I have always been fascinated by chameleons, but discouraged by their high demands. Finally in February, I decided to take on the endeavor– only after extensive, very extensive, research. I purchased a “sunburst” (which, I know, is a highly subjective term) veiled chameleon form seaside reptiles: I chose this dealer because they were located in florida, and the commute would be less stressful on the little guy. Their staff was very professional and friendly. The chameleon arrived very quickly and got accustomed to his cage in no time. In my care, he has been fed a staple diet of silkworms and crickets with small goliaths (a contradiction of terms:rolleyes: ), wax worms and supers as treats. He has already shed twice and grown immensely since I first acquired him. He is a great chameleon, and I find that if you are truly taken back by these fascinating animals, their demands are never a bother. Anyway, his name is Alfonso, and I invite all of you to visit my gallery and sift through the various pictures :D .

Welcome to the forum! I just moved out of Tampa in January. I have also purchased from Seaside and would do business w/them again. What are you studying?

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