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Hello to everyone. I have been a longtime lurker, and thought it high time to join the forum. I have been a longtime fan of reptiles. Over the years I have owned a few different species, mainly snakes. All but a few Corn snakes were foster children. That eventually found new loving homes. When I first got involved with that, I was shocked at all the neglected abandoned reptiles around. It is/was rewarding knowing I was making a difference.
I have always been fascinated by all the different chameleon's out there. I remember seeing my first Veiled Cham in person back in the early 90's. It was at the East Bay Vivarium near San Francisco Ca. I was told that only the most advanced keeper, who could afford the expensive equipment could care for them properly. And with a price tag of $350 each I just admired from a distance. Over the years I soaked up all the reading I could find on everything Chameleon related. A few years ago I lucked into a baby male Veiled, and was surprised to find the needed equipment at a reasonable price. Two years along, and Tyrion is doing just fine. So I must be doing something right. I just today got a male Ambilobe Sambava cross from 3L. Also a pair of R Temporalis. It really is addicting, in a good way. Well thanks for hanging on my every word! Lol I am looking forward to being a productive member of this great forum. Thanks, Dave K, Boise Idaho...
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Welcome to the forums:) its goo that you already have experience so you can help others and any questions you have cambe answered here in no time. CF is also a has a great community of cham keepers and you will for sure enjoy your time here. Also, I can't wait to see all of your chameleons!:D


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Welcome to the forums!!! If you've been lurking then you know we are suckers for pictures. Do you have any pics you could share with us? I'm sure you know but this forum is one if not the best source for education on Chameleons.


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Hi David and welcome to the forums! Glad you decided to finally quit lurking and come on board! We have a saying around here: "pics or it didn't happen!" lol Look forward to seeing some of your chameleons!


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Welcome to the forums! You have been lurking for a while so i a sure that you know that this forum has so much knowledge and everyone here is so kind. i have been to the East Bay Vivarium they have so many cool reptiles there, but i assume you have not been there for a while living in Idaho. Hope you enjoy this forum as much as most of us do!


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Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately my little Ambilobe sambava Panther didn't survive much past his arrival. It was a major loss even though he was only with me for a little over 48 hours. He was so little, and just didn't recover from the trip to me. On the bright side, the R. Temporalis who were in the same box, are thriving. I will get to work on pictures of them (So involved with the ordeal I havnt even Named them), and of my Veiled Tyrion. Looking for Pics now;) DK...

Eta: Its been at least 10 years since I last visited the East Bay Vivarium. I was born and raised around the SF Bay Area(mainly East Bay), have lived in Idaho for 12 years now. It would be nice if Idaho had something on the same level as the EBV, but that would take a lot of very intelligent people, combined with a store full of amazing exotic herps!

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how terrible for you after such a great start out of the gate! my sincere condolences.

LLL has a 72 hour guarantee, not much these days but if your boy didn't make it through 48 hours you should be covered for a replacement. have you contacted them?

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Welcome to the forums! I know exactly how you feel! We live in Washington and unless you are close to Seattle there are barely any Interesting reptile places.
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