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Hi Everyone!

Looking for some info on LED lighting for Chameleons, I have placed a Sunblaster 24 led 12Watt 12" 6400 k in Carl's Cage and I am looking to see if this is too much light for him. ( this light seems very bright)
The link to sunblaster is below as well as some Photos of the cage setup. I guess i am just worried that the bright like will hurt his eyes

the last photo is his cage from last week,


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I probably wouldn’t worry about it. As long as he has shaded areas to go into he should be fine. Think about chameleons in the wild they are at the mercy of the outside brightness of the sun which is pretty much impossible to replicate inside of an enclosure with a couple thousand lumen LEDs. I think a shaded area with full sun outside is like 30,000 lumens per square foot if I remember reading. In the direct sun it’s like a 100,000 lumens per square foot.
Thank you for the reply, that's what i was thinking. His cage before was very low light with just the heat lamp and UVB.
for its size this LED is putting out some light for sure.
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