New Jacksons Chameleon!!

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What’s so special about him? I’d say it to anybody else who disrespected me. Nothing against him, he’s very knowledgable and I’d take his advice I’ve watched his channel. I don’t like disrespectful people
I hate saying this, but calm down dude. Take a breath. Beman is an amazing person. She didn't disrespect you. You could have clarified things again. Before an army appears, please, just sincerely apologize.

And please, don't call anybody on here baby gurl. That is IMO, just as distrubing as the word "****".

You need to take a chill pill. We all want what is best for your chameleon.

Why are you making things worse? We want to help you. Stop being defensive @userBandit


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The fact that you are so stuck up you cant even apologize for using that disgusting language is pathetic if you ask me so apologize or leave
If they leave where will they go to get proper husbandry advice for their chameleon? Are we here to be language police or knowledge spreaders? Of course that language is not condoned, so this thread should just be shut down and that comment removed. And that way they still have the links that were shared to learn from for the wellbeing of their chameleon. 🤷‍♀️ That's my own opinion.

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Wherever they want or sure let them use their tone and language and make someone else leave that actually has respect and wants help without attitude


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If the OP leaves then they do not learn about the correct husbandry for their chameleon.

Regardless of their language which was inappropriate in the end it does not matter. The Chameleon does. An admin will come into this thread and delete the improper posts along with letting the OP know that they have violated the terms of use of the forum. So let them do their job.

As a group of people that invest our time here, the goal is to give others the information they need to be successful. To make sure they understand the husbandry of the chameleon they have chosen to provide a home for. If they do not then chams die.

While I appreciate those that stuck up for me. I am a grown woman. Words are only words.

I think we can end the back and forth of negativity here.


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So I am home from work, and have edited a bunch. Thanks @ferretinmyshoes and @Brad for responding to the alerts. I will go through and ensure all quoted posts have language removed.

As for the OP, I will assess the thread and decide if warnings will be given based on our rules here on the forums. I don’t want to escalate any reaction after things have diffused, but if it is needed I will add warning points. Understand that the reaction was definitely a violation of the rules.

@Beman , thank you for the last post. It definitely was appropriate. I know an original post caused some frustration and responses that could have been worded differently, but I have been guilty of posting with too much emotion at times. Actually a few more than I would like to admit to. Thank you to the community for caring about its members and the chameleons we love. Please be respectful of everyone and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Keep it cool and you will be able to get a better result from those who can benefit from the information available here.
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