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Hi everyone! I have been reading here for months and I thought it was time that I finally posted. We have a 6 or 7 month old veiled female named Darwin. She has done great so far. We were about to move her into her adult enclosure but I think we are going to wait as I suspect she is about to lay her first clutch. She stopped eating yesterday and is constantly on the move. I have read here about what to do and she now has a laying bin with warm moist sand and we have a drape over the side so she can have privacy.

I wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful posts I have been able to read here on the forum. This has been an amazing resource as I had no idea how to care for a chameleon when my husband brought her home.

This is a picture of her a couple of months ago in mid-shed.

Our sweet girl Darwin...


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Welcome to the forums! I hope everything is gonna be fine with Darwin and the laying procedure! Keep us posted what happened! :D

Greetings from Hungary!
Welcome to the forums! You are right, it is an amazing place and I think alot of us would be lost without it at one time or another. I spend endless hours on here and literally learn something new everyday.
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! We are patiently waiting to see if she is going to lay eggs...well, waiting to see without letting her see us! LOL :D
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