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What's up guys? I'm new here. I have a 6 month old Jackson's I just got the other day. He's a male his name is Flex. I currently have him in a nice big ESU terrarium. His basking are is around 88 degrees. Humidity is around 60%. When he first got into his new home he loved it. Started drinking right away. He felt very comfortable. I bought him around 2 dozen crickets yesterday. I left them in a clear container for him. He was trying to find the best way to get to them, so I thought I put them in a wrong spot. I moved the crickets, then it was like he just forgot about them. The crickets ended up getting out and now thy're all over the cage. Today when I woke him up, he was a different color then he was the day before. Today he was a greenish brown. Now I heard the darker they get, usually means they're stressed a bit. He started walking around, he seems fine. Anything for me to worry about here? Anyone have any tips on Jackson's? I appreciate your help guys. Thanks
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Your chameleon is probably stressed from the move. It can take days for a cham to adjust to a new enclosure. What is your full temperature gradient? You put all two dozen crickets in his cage? Too many crickets running around in a small space could stress your chameleon.

For crickets, I suggest cup feeding. This consists of fixing a cup onto a branch or side of the cage (not the floor). The cup needs to be deep enough not to allow all the crickets to immediately escape, but shallow enough for your cham to shoot at the crickets inside. Sometimes a cham will not pick up on this immediately. At first, I recommend using a couple cups around his favorite areas. Remove uneaten crickets at the end of the day. I recommend offering more options than just crickets. Silkworms are your friend.
His gradient is about 72 degrees in his cool spot to 88 degrees in his basking spot. I did have the crickets in a cup, he was trying to find a spot to attack. he actually knocked the cup over and they escaped. I became to eager I guess. Lesson well learned. How would you recommend getting all of these little crickets out of there?
Do you think a clear cup would throw him off?
Yes, I was going to mention that. Try an opaque cup. I usually use a large fast-food cup. Just clean it out well and decrease the height if needed.
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