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hi 3 weeks ago i got my first panther chameleon he is now 18 week old and i love him so much but he is a worry he has not shed yet and i was wondering if that is ok


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As long as he is eating and drinking, don't worry. Sheds are not timed out, sometimes it takes longer between sheds than other times.


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yes hes eating fine i have not seen him drink since the first time i put him in his home than he had some out of his dripper hopefully he drinking when im not looking he poop about once every 3 day and it seem fine thank you for your reply
Yeah dont worry if he hasnt shed yet, maybe he just did before you got him. Also, he could be a closet drinker just make sure he has other places to drink from other than the dripper. I havent seen my guy drink from the dripper once, but he drinks from anywhere else he can find water in his cage.


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I'm sure he'll be fine. I have the dropper and mist the cage, but in the year and a half I've owned my cham, I've only seen him drink a handful of times. Most of the time that you are near them, they will be watching you, at first sizing you up to see if you're a threat and later seeing if you have food for them.
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