New guy saying hi.


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Gizmo is a nice healthy looking cham. How old is he, and did you purchase him from an online breeder?


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He is looking very healthy, not much color as of yet but hes only about 12 weeks old. I picked him up from a local pet shop for 69.99 :shock: . Now I'm wishing that I would have done more research on the net and went with a really good online breeder. From what I understand prices are a lot lower on the net. :roll:


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Hello Darkmind, welcome to the chameleon forums! Always good to see someone new. Is Gizmo your first chameleon? He is looking good.

The pet store is always a gamble, I have received very healthy and very poor chameleons over the years. One reason I prefer to purchase from a breeder (the closer the better) is to encourage them to continue what they do. I have heard stories of poor breeders though, both morally and in skill, so good research is needed.


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Is Gizmo your first chameleon?
Yup hes my first. I did lots and lots of studying and reading up on how to take care of them but I did not even think to research about buying one from an online dealer. :roll:
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