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Hi all,

Planning on getting a panther chameleon in the future might hold off until reptile expo in november to see what they have. Plan on probably getting amilobe. There has always been reptiles in my house for the past decade started of with leopard geckos when i was 12 with my brother and it just expanded to some snakes, crested geckos, turtles/tortoises, skinks, some snakes, other amphibians and list goes on. However my bro did most of the work since hes been working in a reptile department of a pet store for a while. This is the first time I'll actually be doing all the work and since i dont see him around a whole lot im going to be using this forum alot because i want to do it right, been reading for past 4 days or so and everybody just seems like such great help!!

Ill be posting up soon my ideas for my homemade enclosure and will have some questions regarding that, opinions are apreciated
Hi there James. You have come to the right place to learn all about Chameleon keeping. By November you will know a lot. Anything you are not sure of just ask. I have a two and a half year old Ampiskiana panther and he is my pride and joy. Welcome.:)
Welcome fellow Canadian!

You are in the right place for information.the community is helpful and knowledgable here so you will be taken care of.

Exciting time for you!
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