New enclosure!


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Hi ! i am planning on making my own enclosure for my chameleons. i have an idea of what im going to do but i would like to see your enclosures to help me out a little:) so if you would like to share a picture with me i would appreciate it!! thanks!!:)
click on the green forums tab and then go down to enclosures and supplies. you will find tons of threads with pics of enclosures!
or i can post some of mine. seeing how i love it and my cham never wants to come out of it.




only downside is playing wheres waldo
when the ficus and umbrella get bigger i will be taking out the shelf and when the pothos gets bigger i will be taking out some of the fake "dollar tree" vines out and using the pothos instead.
and when the main plants get bigger my drainage will work how i made it to work.
the pics are taken on dif days, been moving the plants a lil to fit the plants lighting needs
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