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Hey so I plan on giving my veiled cham an upgrade to a 2.5x2.5x5 enclosure using pvc pipe as frame and I was going to use “poultry netting”. Its green plastic netting and just wanted to see if anyone knows anything about it because I would like my cham to be able to climb the screen without wo rrying about his nails and more ventilation. Also if anyone knows any safe spray paint to use for the frame I’d appreciate it! Thanks!


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From personal experience, when building your own enclosure for your chameleon you have to take into account the environment that you live in as well as personal preferences of your chameleon.

I live in a very arid environment and as a result need less screen in order to maintain humidity levels. My chameleon alone refuses to eat from a container so I've only ever been able to feed him free-range, which means the enclosures I've built have had to be insect proof.

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I agree with Jevin about ventilation. “Poultry netting” :ROFLMAO:
That's definitely not going to be bug-proof, and unless it's one of the finer meshes, a cham might even squeeze through it.

May I suggest plastic coated hardware cloth? It's not bug-proof either, but IDT a chameleon could get through it, and it's big enough so as not to pose a problem for claws.

If bug-proof is desired, there are a couple ways I can think of OTTOMH.
Some have used a double wall; an inside wall of the more open mesh hardware cloth, and an outer wall of conventional screen to stop bug escapes.
There are some larger size meshes that will stop larger bugs and be safer for claws, but they may be more expensive than common window screen. Try a search for the mesh you'd like.
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