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I plan to get a Panther Chameleon when i return from vacation at the end of the month. Until then... i have been and plan to continue combing these forums and reading up information on both panthers, veileds and enclosure environments for both. (this forum is amazing for my research)

Currently, i have set up a Retibreze enclosure with the following:

- Medium size Umbrella tree (getting rocks to cover soil soon)
- two fake vines (one is to catch excess mist from the mistking from leaking out of the cage)
- Mistking starter kit, 1 nozzle
- various branches / perches for basking and climbing.
- Setting up drain system next week

I have got temps on basking area at about 90 which i know is a little warm for a baby chameleon, however placement of the light can yield temps down to about 83-85 and up again depending on where i place the light source.

currently i have the mistking set for 3 1/2 minute sprays every 3ish hours while the lights are on (8am-9pm) however i don't yet have a way to gauge humidity (am heading out soon to grab a hygrometer) from what i gather i am aiming for 60-75% give or take.

Please take a look at my enclosure and thoughts above.. i would like to have everything more or less perfect for when i get back so the new little guy starts off on the right foot.

Question is, does that look like enough foliage and branches ? is only 1 real plant enough to keep humidity up? (guess i will find out soon when i get hygrometer). In the event it is not, i can replace a fake vine with some pothos or something to help humidity?

any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance! and thanks for all the amazing previous posts i have used for research !


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Way to do your research!
there are very very few people who seem to read this forum as if they care before they get a Cham.

It could use a thicker umbrella plant In my opinion. Especially because new chams can be shy and want to hide until they feel comfortable in their new home and with their new owner.

I would suggest buying this hygrometer & or any Taylor brand

Also if you want more vines I suggest going here and purchasing the 50' section. I know 50 feet seems excessive but believe me when you have a full sized enclosure you will be happy you invested. Also do not cut the vine just wrap it back around its self to double the width and you can bend in whichever way you please and just place it in the cage- it will be more than sturdy enough to hold the Cham.
The cage looks fantastic! When you upgrade your cage the umbrella plant is probably going to be taller and you'll have to buy maybe 2 more vines or so, but right now it looks great.
Thanks for the input Olivia and Jimmy!

Its funny that you say that, i was thinking the umbrella tree could be thicker.. best part is, when i first put it in i was like :| oh gawd its way to thick, trimmed it a bunch...stepped back and ... DOH! to thin now haha.. they are relatively cheap plants though so no worries.

The lighting:
Basking - 50W Repti basking spot lamp by Zoo Med
UVB - Reptile UVB 100 (13W) by Exo Terra

I did see one or two posts regarding the UVB bulb I went with causing blindness however the guy I was speaking with and asking questions at my local reptile shop said he has heard of people saying that too but he and his co workers have been using them for a long time with no such issues.

I will likely go grab a thicker umbrella tree so i can make the new guys move into the cage more relaxing. Then when i get a larger cage (8 months or so i guess) when he is more of an adult I will get some more plants etc. I do think im going to grab a hanging pothos as well before I bring him home.

Thanks for the suggestions on hydrometer! I will be picking one up for sure. as for the vines i believe they have those at the shop near my house !

Thanks again for the input!
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