new enclosure or dragon strand cage?


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I have a male veiled cham, Eugene, about 8 months old. I have a 16x16x30 screen cage from ReptiBreeze. I was planning on getting the same one in the XL size for an upgrade because I prefer the bottom opening and can't seem to find many with that. I've found a website that has mounts and drainage trays so I could put those in myself.

Should I make that myself or invest in the Dragon Strand chameleon cage? Is the Dragon Strand worth the money?
I like the dragon ledges and the mounts but I also feel like I could install that in the ReptiBreeze cage. My only concern is the stress on the screen if I install ledges and mounts in the ReptiBreeze. Has anyone tried something like that? I cant find too much information on putting ledges in the screen cages but I am having a hard time adding levels the the cage because it is just the screen and I want something that will last and make my Eugene happy.


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You can use the wedges, ledges, and drip trays that dragon strand makes with all other standard size cages. I have had reptibreeze and DIY cages screen enclosures and they are far cheaper in price but also in strength and how they hold up in my opinion.

I now have 3 dragon strand enclosures. One is 2 years old and still works beautifully. Never had an issue of rusting or screws backing out.
If you have the money I would say you get more bang for your buck with the DS enclosure.

Here are my three. The one in the middle is the same size as the one your looking at mine is the hybrid version.

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