New Custom Cage (56k Warning)


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Took off friday to start bulding a more versatile cage for my chams. Its total dimensions are 8long by 4 tall by 2deep...feet that is. I made it so that dividors can be placed every 2 feet to make any combination of cage sizes. Right now it is housing my male and female veileds each in their own 4x4x2 enclosures. When my baby panther is old enough, he will get half of my females 4x4x2. The whol thing cost me less than 250 to build, and is even hook up with a misting system. here are some pictures on photo bucket.
feel free to offer suggestions/comments!!!!!

cage shut

cage open



baby male sambava
Ahh, I can see that you're a much better carpenter then I am! Your doors turned out much better then mine did. Hope the design works out well for you!

the door on the left needs to be forcefully shut, but will open(hoping that drying out creates a gap)
chris the plans were great, i think i got them form your sept 2006 issue

a few notes....home depot and lowes have no idea what corrugated plastic is and dont carry it(central FL) go to a custon sign shop(they gave me old signs of it for free(don't lok at the bottom of the cage unless you want the phone number for nanos pizza!!!!!!

also, L and Hd don't carry sheet PVC, i used an alternative, also free from the sign shop.

only problem i am having is getting it to my must weigh 400

in all seriousness(is that a word?) this design is perfect for multiples and is very cost effective.

ps if you are in central fl, i would love to help you build it, as long as you have cold tecate
drainage....very slight angle towards center of each 2x2x4 unit created with 1/16th inch washer positioned around every other screw connecting bottom of cage to frame...then 1/2 inch holes rilled at center of each..will probably connet funnels and gutter for runoff but my hands are raw from all the hand screwdriving
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