New Chams!!! Starting the new year off right


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Well I did some looking for a new cham after I found out that the supposed male Ambilobe I have is really a female instead. I ended up in contact with multiple breeders and made my decision. Red Island Ray sold me a awesome unrelated male and female pair both around 2.5 months old. They both came in this afternoon and are doing just fine...Already eating like little piggies:D.. I"m sure this isn't going to be my only purchase for the year because I plan on getting a pair of Nosy Faly's hear in the next few months. Just wanted to give a nice big shout out to Ray for doing such a great job and providing me with some nice looking babies. Thanks again Ray and I look forward to working with you in the future!!:D

Here are some pics of the new crew. First 2 pics are of the new male and then another 2 of the female.. Cant forget my other female who seems to be getting larger by the day so the last one is of her :p They are all nameless by the way so I have some thinking to do


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Thank you all!! Ready to start looking for more already. If only I had unlimited funds to work with......:p
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