New chameleons cages


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I upgraded Yoshi and Rex's cages the both have a large reptibreeze cage with fogger dripper uvb bulbs basking bulb lots of fake plants on the side vines live umbrella plants and lots of sticks I want to add more just have been to the store yet to get more repti carpet for substrate









Nice work on the cages!

If anything I think you did a great job. Maybe one or two more horizontal sticks but honestly they look organized, pretty, and like a jungle at the same time while fulfilling the chameleons foliage needs
It would be best if you avoided reptile carpet and subtrate. With the humidity levels these kids require there will be a chance of molding or serious amounts of bacteria. As well sticky tongues + pieces of subtrate = impaction
If you want to use something in the bottom I would suggest river rocks that have been througly cleaned. If you want to keep substrate - don't use carpet, use paper towels and you can also use a feeder cup so they are not shooting their tongue towards the bottom and catching substrate, although it will take away the stimulation of hunting. You will also want to change it out every 3 days.

I see you also have a waterfall, these breed large amount of bacteria and chameleons love to poop in them!
If you keep this you need to change the water every other hour, there are no exceptions. You will find many threads on why not to use waterfalls.
That is an empty waterfall I took the pump out only use it to catch the water from the dripper and for looks the carpet is spot cleaned every day and is always dry it does not stay wet very long also I swap it out and wash it every week also I have no substrate unless my chameleons dig through the screen covering the pots my plants are in. So I think I have everything covered river rocks bad idea it makes spot cleaning very hard because it get in between multiple rocks and sometimes is overlooked when cleaning

Made it to the store today picked up two more plants for the cages and more sticks here is the updated pictures


looks good, just to let u know ur temp/humidity gauge is very inaccurate. I've had one b4 and ur better off spending a Lil extra and getting a good one.
Now I'm definitely impressed with the cages more than I was before! Looks amazing in my opinion. I wish my enclosure was that neat.
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