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hey everyone! i was looking to get a new cham and wanted everyones opinion on what kind i should get. i was looking at getting an ambilobe panther chameleon, veiled chameleon, or a pygmy chameleon. if anyone else has a different idea on which kind i should get. i am experianced in chameleons so it doesnt matter if they are hard to take care of. thanks!
Since you're experienced, it might be fun to tackle something you haven't had before.

Pygmy's are really a whole different concept. You build them a world to live in. If you haven't done that before, it might be an exciting adventure. Just read up on it first because it's quite involved.
ok it looks like ill get a couple pygmys then! i will just get a couple of those and in october at narbc in tinley park illinois ill look for some panther chams! thanks for the info and opinions! ;)
This will be exciting for you. Read up. There's a pygmy enclosure sub forum in the "Enclosure" forum. Read and ask questions and soon you'll be able to get into the "chameleons for sale" forum where you just might find that person who has babies to sell.
Here is a great caresheet on brevs, which are the most commonly available pygmy. Unfortunately you will be hard pressed to find cb pygs. Almost all that are available are wc because they're cheaper to import than they are to breed. You can usually find some at the expos, but don't expect to find any cb. I've got eggs cooking from my pygs but I'm not selling them! They're all mine! :D
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