New chameleon... poop not sure about?!?


I picked up a Jackson chameleon from a girl just trying to get rid of him on FB. She said he was in a huge cage. Upon picking him up turned out to be the 18,18,30 so he will be getting upgraded soon. I’m working on getting the proper things for him because it was clear she had no idea. He’s about 7 months according to her and he came from a breeder at a reptile expo. He hasn’t really eaten since I brought him home but I’m sure he’s stressed. I got him a automatic mist system that goes off every 2 hours for 2 minutes and the first time he drank like he had maybe never seen water!! Just saw him poop for the first time this morning and I’m unsure about it. Looks dehydrated or could be runny. I have a vet appt next week but wondering what you guys thought


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Looks a bit dehydrated with the yellow. Might take a stool sample in when you go to the vet to double check for parasites since the person had no idea what they were doing.
Congrats on your new addition!
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