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I have a female panther about 15 months old. Ive had her about a week. in the span ive seen her on the floor of the cage 3 times. 2 times today and once about 2 or 3 days ago. Hard for me to know if this is normal or if shes gravid as i have no base for regular behavior. Thanks for Your time!


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I would provide her with a laying bin either way. Females over the age of 6 most should just have one.
It isn't too unusual for them to explore a new cage or go low if the cage is too warm up top. I would check your temperatures and get the bin going.

Baby/juvenile (<9 months): ambient 72-80F (22-26C), basking 82F (28C)
Adult males: ambient 75-80F (23-26C), basking 85-90F (29-32C)
Adult females: ambient 75-80F (23-26C), basking 80-85F (26-29C)


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I would make the lay bin a permanent part of her cage, it ensures that she has the option to dig and lay just incase


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Mine started going to the ground when she first developed MBD. Are you doing the calcium without d3 everyday? and with d3 and vitamin every 2 weeks? UV bulb?
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