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I built this last week and now have it up and running... I have 2 Veiled Chams April and Phil . Any input or ideas would be welcomed... I have a 2ft UVA /UVB bulb 2 basking heat lamps and a nighttime (blue) lamp... I use a dripping system that drips into the bowl on the left and mealworms and waxworms and such in the other, as well as crickets and moths and whatnot...


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The cage looks nice but I don't think its a good idea to have both Chams in the same cage. It is pretty undisputed that Chams like to live alone.
i would agree on not having 2 chameleons in the same enclosure, i would like to also recommend more plants in the cage. i ficus and or a pothos plant inside would make your chameleons alot happier with the extra hiding places
Nice looking cage!

Just some comments....there is a very good chance that the health of one or both will suffer if you keep them in the same cage. You may not see any apparent signs at first...but they could also go so far as fighting. In the wild if two meet up, they have the option of moving far away from each other if they chose to. In a cage, they can only move so far.

Do you have a proper place in the cage for the female to lay her eggs? Failure to provide one could lead to eggbinding.

You don't need any light at night as long as the temperatures don't go too low (low 60's). If the chameleons can see that type of light, then it will likely keep them awake.

Are the basking lights outside of the cage so that there is no chance of the chameleons getting burned?
I built this with the top portion of the cage to hide the lights and dripper and stuff from everyday viewing, i put in a gallon sized ice cream bucket with moist sand when she has the gravid colorations to dig and such... part of the new cage is so I can put in a 10gallon aquarium in the bottom for her to dig... the box i got the night time light says the chams and other reptiles cannot see the light and doesn't appear to affect there sleeping... once we build our new house i hope to build more cages for the newborns as well as a place of their own. I got them when they were 3months old and very small and they are almost @ 1 year old now... and we just love them... I started to neglect my 36 gallon aquarium when i got them( the wife thought i was killing off the fish for a new "lizard aquarium" haha) thanks for the info and feedback this really is a great place to read and hangout..
I added some electricla outlets to my enclosure today... I put in 3 outlets on the top of the enclosure to plug in the heat lamps as well as nightlight and uvb light... I added switches to the top right hand side to turn the lights on and off.. I also added a outlet to the under side storage area for heat lamp or incubator for the future...thought i would share..
I'm sure you have already realized that in the second picture the female on the left is already showing non-receptive/gravid coloration. I'm quite certain that being in close proximity and visual range with a male is going to be extremely stressful for her.
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