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Hello everyone.

I brought home a wc female Werner's today from LLL, and although I have searched high and low for information - I can only find basics on temps & humidity (Temps: 70's-high 80's, drops down to 60 at night, humidity: 70-90%). Can anyone offer any other info? Supplements? Life span? Feeding schedule?

Thanks in advance!

james L

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Trioceros Werneri. Not Chamaeleo. There not a beginners cham. Daytime high should be in the mid 80's on hottest days. Average daytime high should be in the 70's. Low should be in the 50's really, but low 60's will do. You might not need a basking light. If you want to try one, use low wattage. 40-50 at most. Some like to bask some dont. Humidity should be high! no less then 50% during the day. Lots of live plants! They prefer not be be seen. Like any reptile, the larger the cage, the better. Healthy werners have big appetites. They will eat about any insects that can fit in their mouths. Dont over feed! Mist like crazy at least 3 times a day. 5 should be the average. Mist for around 10 mins. every time. And last but not least, have her vet checked to make sure shes not full of parasites or has injuries or whatever. Hope this gives you an idea how to care for a werners. Goodluck!
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