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Does my Cham look healthy? He’s my first Cham I’ve had. I’ve taken care of other reptiles and I always do my hard research before getting a pet I’ve never owned. I’m just worried that he looks thin?? Or his eyes look dark? I’m also not sure how old he is.


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Chameleon Info:

  • Your Chameleon - Im going to say Female Veiled Chameleon.
  • Handling - Never
  • Feeding - crickets and worms for right now.
  • Supplements - Repti Calcium without D3 dusted on crickets daily.
  • Watering - misting every other hour (yes, through the night) for 2-5 mins. I’m waiting on my humidifier to come in.
  • Fecal Description - Dark brown and dry with white on the end.
  • History - She was about 4-5 inches when I got her. She was in a TINY terrarium at petsmart with a WATER DISH. (But we all know petsmart doesn’t know anything about their animals)

Cage Info:

  • Cage Type - Screen cage
  • Lighting - UVB light and heat light.
  • Temperature - basking is around 87-84 and bottom is 73. I have a digital thermometer.
  • Humidity - Unknown. Getting a gauge ASAP (in the mail with humidifier)
  • Plants - Dracaena Marg and there’s another plant in there but I looked up what plants they could have. I can find the name or post a pic.
  • Placement - Cage is in spare room where we have the vent turned off. Our house is kept around 70, but the spare room upstairs is always hotter than the rest of house. Spare room is kept separate from our dogs, as to not stress our Cham out.
  • Location - Central Oklahoma


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Hey there and welcome! I would read through these and this

Check out The chameleon breeder podcast that Bill Strand does.
Specifically episode 89,90,91, and 92. These will be really helpful for you :)
Your supplements need to be added to. Your misting will need to be adjusted. Lighting needs to be changed out to a T5 or T8 linear UVB tube and fixture asap. The one you have is a compact and is not good.
I would add more horizontal vines and maybe even a pothos so there are more spots to hide. Make sure your not feeding mealworms they cause them to become impacted.
And you will want to read up on lay bins too because Brody is spot on it looks like you have a girl :)


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Thanks so much! I will definitely send these to my boyfriend so he can work on this while I’m at work!


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Update: my boyfriend is building a new enclosure for her, that way we can implement a lay bin in the bottom along with much more foliage! The enclosure we have right now is (obviously) a not-so-cheap plastic one and we are both disappointed with it. Anytime you open the door the entire thing shakes and I know that can’t make her feel safe.


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I don’t know what you’d like to build but converting an old display cabinet makes for a solid viv that looks good too! They are all over Facebook Market place for about $100...
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