New Cham... Plus my original


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We just received the tiniest chameleon I have ever seen and his name is Ki (Kyle without the le)


Any suggestion on what how to get him to eat and drink, he seems hydrated and healthy. Also about what age, I truly think he is too young to not be in a breeders care.

Ill also throw in a picture of Oliver my first cham, he is about 6 months old and always seems grumpy. I am having problems getting him to eat like he used to. Before his last shed he ate 10 largish crickets a day all at once and now he hardly eats 4 large a day.

A good idea for both in my mind would be to hand feed. Hold a locust or whatever in your fingers and hold it about 3inch from Kyle without the le ;) and about 4-5 inches from oliver and wait. You will see both eyes focus on the food. Their mouth will open slightly with their tounge pertruding. The next step is to not blink or you will miss the feeding process. This is also a good thing to do anyways as it shows a sense of trust between owner and pet.

Please corect me if I'm wrong other members :)
Basically the same way you get your other chameleon to eat and drink. Misting, dripper, cupfeed, letting feeders go in the cage. I think it might be hard to handfeed with the feeders having to be so small. What size cage do you have? If it is too large, then cupfeed or section off the cage to make it smaller. Also, make sure you have small enough feeders for that little one.
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