New Cham Owner! Need help!


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First time owner and this little fellow has this white/brown dull color. I thought it was peeling but I’m paranoid that it’s sick or stressed. It’s been about 4 days and still no peeling. He is about 4 months old according to our local reptile store. We have the humidity fixed in our enclosure.


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Veiled chameleons tend to do that. When mine is basking one side of him is dark brown. Sometime he stays that way for days. So its normal for veileds to do that. But.. It could also be stressed. It could be a list of reasons. For instance, basking temp. Humidity. Enclosure set up. And the list goes on. So if you could post a picture of your whole enclosure from the lights down to the bottom of cage it would help figure out the problem here. If there is one. Right off I can see lots of fake plants. That will cause problems. Also the vine your using isn't good for veileds they have been known to consume small pieces from them which causes impaction. So right off I'd try to get some live plants in there as soon as you can. After seeing picture of enclosure there will lots of advise given to help this little fella.


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Welcome on here, and congrats on your new buddy! You've gotten great advice so far, but filling out the Ask For Help form in as much detail as possible would be wonderful, too! I'll attach it in a sec!


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