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I have a 5 Month old Panther. So far he is doing well health and behavior. I have not handled him since the first day I got him and that was just to put him into the enclosure. Now I would like to take him outside for some sun but dont want to terrorize him by handling him. He accepts food from the palm of my hand but has not stepped onto my hand and seem apprehensive about it. I purchased a large Hibiscus and was thinking about leaving it next to the open enclosure with a bridge out to it.

What advise do you have on getting him onto my hand just to transfer over to teh hibiscus. I dont think the trust is there yet to get him onto my hand willingly and really dont want to disconnect the mist system anto take him out enclosure and all.

thanks for the advice


Fastest way to a chams heart is through its stomach

Try using food to lure him/her onto your hand.

If that doesn't work, then use food to draw attention while you very slowly get your hand underneath and try to have them walk on to you somewhat inadvertently.

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Food maybe a good idea although I have never had to use it. You can gently and slowly slide your hand (fingers) under his front legs and slowly lift up a little and he should slowly crawl right on your hand. :)


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Jann's method works great, but if you want to do it a little faster, you
can use a tree branch with a few leaves on it.

I found that a plain, straight stick scares them, I guess they think it's a
snake or something.
So, I have a branch, about 14'' long and glued some fake leaves to it.

Just slowly place the branch in front of them, and they often will climb
right on it.

Getting him on your hand is better if you have the patience because it's
good to get him used to you.
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