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I was able to get this cage for a steal! With that being said and it being pretty bare, what are some upgrades I could do? I use the Galapagos Mossy Sticks and the exo terra bendable vines, but I need plants! What are some good plants that I could get that are pretty tall?


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Umbrella plants are usually sturdy, tall, vertical plants you can use. Theyre easy to care for and give lots of foliage.

Pothos is another forum favorite - if mounted somewhere up top and allowed to trail.

I like lanai and monkey ladder
vines for additional climbing surfaces


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I have a pothos hanging from the frame of my enclosure with fishing line. It has grown like a beast in the last 5 months that it's been in my enclosure and has taken over. I dont even need vines or branches anymore because it has become so dense. That being said I have an 18x18x36 enclosure so 1 pothos is able to cover that sort of ground (my new custom enclosure is almost ready!!), I would suggest a few more than that for a larger enclosure. I like umbrella plants for tall sturdy plants if you're just looking for something to put on the floor of the enclosure, but good sized ones can be pretty pricey whereas you can get a pretty nicely developed pothos for like $15. I really like the texture that ferns bring to an enclosure. They dont provide much in the way of walkways but can produce a nice dense cover for your cham and they grow pretty quickly. I put a small one at the bottom of my enclosure about a month ago and the fronds have already grown up to the top of the enclosure.


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I went to a garden Store and found a thick stem umbrellas plant. It cost me $18, but my Cham loves it. The stem is a lot thicker than on the regular plants you buy at Lowe’s or Walmart. It’s like a little mini tree.


I kept a ficus plant and hibiscus in my cham’s Enclosure. She loved to eat those hibiscus flowers!

With my new guy I’m going with ficus and pothos.


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I have a Queen Marble Pothos in my Ambanja enclosure and a Schefflera/Umbrella in my Ambilobe enclosure. That being said I prefer the Pothos. Fills out nicer. Easier to care for IMO and catches water mist beautifully
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