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So I've been combing through the enclosure threads for quite some time and I really want to build a custom, aesthetically appealing enclosure (Leo's current enclosure is an eye sore) that is also going to meet all of Leo's needs. I've settled on this piece of furniture made of knotty pine. The dimensions are 76“ H 32" W and 18“ D. I imagine I have a lot of work ahead seeing as I'll need to take out the glass and replace it with screen and drill a hole for drainage in the bottom. I just wanted you all to take a peek at the piece of furniture I've chosen and offer some advice regarding this specific build. Feel free to link me to related threads as well. Here are my main questions:
1. Do you have any concerns using this for a viv?
2. What do I need to treat this wood with?
3. Can I keep the sides and back wood or do I need to cut rectangles out and put in screen? If I need to do that, how might I do that?
4. Following up on #3, how do I take the top out/off and replace with screen?
If I think of more questions I'll post them on this thread. Oh and for those of you that might not be familiar, Leo is approx. 7 months old. He's a male and he's a veiled chameleon. This build would be a permanent home for him.


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@Blmelton just did this one but I can't find their original build thread’s-new-enclosure.167817/#post-1458565

From what I have seen in other threads you could leave the front panels glass for viewing and replace the sides and top with screen for airflow. Leaving the back wood. Or leave sides and back wood and replace the front with screen and the top. Nice looking cabinet though! How tall is the actual portion of the cabinet that he would be in?


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@Beman Unfortunately I don't have those dimensions, but looking at the photo it looks like it's at least as tall as his current enclosure (24x24x48). Thank you for sharing that thread, I'll check it out! Thanks @Brodybreaux25! I was hoping I could leave the back and sides the way they are and just replace the glass with screen. And the top. I have not picked up this cabinet yet, but as soon as I do (hopefully this upcoming weekend) I will post more pictures! Thank you two!
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