New baby veiled one eye closed


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Hello just got a baby veiled yesterday from Lllreptile and after a while I noticed he was keeping one eye closed... He opens it when moving but then closes it shortly after stopping, I noticed him rubbing it on a vine and also making it bulge. I had a 75w basking bulb and a 26w uvb bulb that I have in a double fixture in a stand above the enclosure I thought that might be the problem so I returned for a 50w and a 13w but still has one eye closed today... I'm a bit nervous cuz he's my first Cham and I literally just got him yesterday... Any ideas?

I don't know how to post pics but if someone would like to post for me ill send them to your email... Thank you
I have a similar problem, my guy is keeping one eye shut but opens it to catch a big them closes it again, I haven't resolved my issue yet though so I can't really help, although it was suggest to give him a shower by putting him on a plant in the shower and bounce the water off the wall so he gets a lighter spray for around 20mins
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