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Bellow are hatchling painted and red eared slider I caught them the other day and sorry of not being on in a long time I have been busy with all my pets:D
I even took the liberty of putting a quarter and a nickel in the picture


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Oh and I have 4 other painteds but what I do is mark there backs with a certain pattern in nail polish and each pattern represents a pond and wants they are as big as my palm I put them back in there right ponds but this year I think I'm gunna keep a few but last year me and my buddy had about 80 turtles together and they were all the size of a quarter he has a koi pond and that's where we kept the ones that were close to being release but last year I had three 55 gallon long aquariums with 15 quarter sized turtles in each. And we treated them like wild turtles we would put algae and worms and small fish. So they would know what to do in the wild. It was fun but also a lot of work but now all of the ponds that we released to are filled with turtles from last year.
Cute little turtles!

If i may offer a different point of view. Dont get me wrong, in the past i am guilty of raising a few turtles and releasing them later ;). Having them use to human contact for food and whatnot will make them not fear humans. If these turtles are released into public ponds. The sad thing with this world is that not everyone is nice to animals, etc. It would personally be best for the animal to be completely wild so that it will retreat, hide if a human comes within distance.
Yeah I have thought about this before but I haven't had any problems with them being to close to people they seem to act like regular turtles but I have had a few problems with this but most of them act like regular turtles I don't know if we are going to do it this year because its a lot of work like I said but usually the ones that really get attached to humans I guess you could say we keep in my friends koi pond but when they get bigger we release them in a pond mainly because they eat his moms koi :D
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