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Brad Ramsey

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So there is someone new living in our garden now.
Sorry the pic is bad (took it after dark)
This is Squirt, a 5 year old female Three Toed Box Turtle.
Frank's business Partner brought her to Frank at work today.
Her son has become disinterested in caring for a pet turtle so...
she comes to live with us.
She is busy burying herself in the garden right now after having a couple zophoba worms and a strawberry.
I would love any advice on her husbandry and suggestions on hibernation
before November.
My thought right now is to build a box for her, fill it with straw and dirt and let her hibernate in the garage. I think the winter here in Colorado maybe too cold for her to stay outside. The garage stays in the forties through the coldest months.
Anyway... it seems the family never stops growing!

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Here's another resident of our garden!
I introduced this guy as a tadpole in 2003 and he's still around.
Just took this picture this morning.

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