New 3 month old panther!

This is my new ambilobe panther I picked up at the reptile expo 2 days ago. I've been prepping for this little guy for months. Hes super active some I'm not super worried about his health. I've checked for mites and the what not. Hes eaten about 4 super worms a day for the past 2 days and hes usually pumped for food. Today's hes not keen on food. I've read it takes time for them to get use to their new enclosure and that it's normal for them to go a couple days without food. I'm just worried about the guy, probably always will be. Figured I'd see what people say is normal and how often I should keep trying to feed him. (I cup feed)
He looks way older than 3 months.

More importantly, superworms should only be fed as treats. I wouldn't recommend more than once or twice a week. They are not nutritious enough, nor do they hold a gutload well at all.
He hatched January 23rd so closer to 4 months really (the photo is misleading in size). I have a dubia colony that ive got going and that I've been gut loading for months. The breeder I got him from used crickets and super worms so I'm trying to get him off them and on too dubias and hornworms. But thanks for the advice on the super worms.
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