Never Seen A Chameleon Do This Before


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I bought a veiled chameleon last weekend, 6 months old, and she seems to have some odd behaviour at a certain time each day. I mist twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening. During the evening mist she quickly comes down to a lower level. Usually she starts by taking some water drops from the freshly misted plants. But the last 3 times she stood on a vertical twig/branch and with her back right foot she rubs it backwards and forwards.Then she swaps and does the other foot. Neither time has she done it with her front feet. She changes to a darker colour while doing this. And i dont know if its my imagination but she dont look to steady while shes doing it. Today while she was doing it i offered her a mealworm mid rub, and she rushed to take it out my hand and was very steady on her feet. Then she climbs back up and hangs on to her favourite branch. It could just be that shes going to shed but neither of my previous chameleons have done this. Anyone else had there cham do this? Iv looked around the forum and have not seen anyone else mention this befoer. Me and suzanne would be grateful for any input on this.
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