Nervous new owner of baby panther chameleon!


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Hello! My name is Brittany and I am a new owner of a 1-2 month old male panther chameleon, Peatree! He has been in his new cage now for about 4 days and what is worrying me is that he is still barely or not at all eating. I have been doing so much research on panther chameleons and I cannot figure out why he is not eating. His cage is the right temp, have small crickets and stays at the right humidity. He seems to be heathly though, he is drinking water, pooping, and no warning signs in his health, just not eating.
We are going to move his cage tonight into a spare room tonight to give him his own space in case he is still stressed in his new environment and getting him more food choices tomorrow such as fruit flies and silkworms to see if he will like them better than crickets.
Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for my baby chameleon. It just worries me because he is so small.
I am not a stranger to chameleons I also have a veild chameleon that's a few months older that I have not had a problem with. Here's a few pics of baby Peatree! Any feedback will be very appreciated!



If he is that young I would move him into a plastic rubbermade tub. Like one that is 6 gallons in size. That is how I raise my babies. The screen cages seem to stress them out and it makes it harder for panther babies to catch their food.
I do this until they are about 3 1/2 months old. Then I move them into a screen cages.

The bin setup makes it easier for them to catch food, the bin maintains a higher humidity. It doesn't stress them as much because there is less visual stimulation. Also they are not able to climb on the walls so they spend more time of the branches like they would in their natural habitat. Not crawling around on metal screen upside and every other way.


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Thank you so much! We set Peatree up with this along with dowel rods and he has already ate 5 crickets in the last hour. You are a lifesaver!

:) anytime. I know my baby panther chams. They are just like babies, everything has to be simple and smaller. And no sharp edges lol!
are you sure he's not a couple of WEEKS? he looks far too small to be a couple of months. at 3months old, my panther is the length of my hand
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Haha, people sell hatch-lings all the time. If you're experienced its pretty easy to care for them.

OP I second the tub, I also use tubs and 1 gallon tanks. Check your dollar store out for some wreathes, they can be broken apart into perfect twig playgrounds. It is hard to tell his size from the pics, but I would say about 2 months seems right.
are you sure he's not a couple of WEEKS? he looks far too small to be a couple of months. at 3months old, my panther is the length of my hand

He looks like he could even be 3 .. Chameleons all grow at different rates anyhow. Unless the breeder tells you the hatch date you just have to guess.
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