Need To Move Her For A Enclosure Upgrade

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So its getting closer to the date when Codas enclosure will be upgraded to a bioactive custom build and we're having trouble with figuring out a way to get Coda (and her current enclosure) out of the spot where her new home will be. I don't want to stress her out any more than I need to, but I need to get her out of her enclosure for the move. It will take a little bit to get the new enclosure ready so I have a "sleep Box" but the last time we had to take her out and into the box for about 30 minutes, she just turned a darker color and didn't sleep. She hisses at new sticks if we offer them to her to see if she wants to come out, and hates people coming into her space especially my hand if I have to fix something. She doesn't go crazy for food, so I cant lure her out. I'm stumped, help?

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So I was going through the plans and I have to use some of the vines from her enclosure in the new one, so I'm back to square one lol, any ideas?


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If you can anticipate your chameleons moves, offer a stick so that it is their only option to step onto. Have you ever tried putting a tree/plant in front of her enclosure that she can voluntarily climb on to?


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I have done this.

I have completley redone monas enclosure when it badly needed upgrading without using a totally new enclosure.

When designing my new one I had a large tree I would put in the bottom. I left this on a stool and put Mona on it to -free range. Then I quickly added all the plants the vines she needed and transported her on the plant (a big hibiscus) back I to the new enclosure which died weeks later but thats beside the point.

Have a good plan and put her on a plant. Then you can use some of her current vines. Have a plan and work quickly.
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