Need to finalize my supplement/light order HELP!!

So I just got my first panther in 10 years. Sooo much has changed. Everything everyone told me I was doing wrong is what is the new norm now. All the cool things that I made are now easily obtainable. I remember when things like jungle vine were $50 on sale !!!
I spontaneously bought my lil dude I’m ordering lights now ( I live in Florida so I have plenty of supplemental natural sun, involves handling but I’m experienced so not worried of that. I’m going with the Arcadia T5 pros (46/48) I plan on using the 24x48 reptibreeze ( multiple ) I’m using live plants will most likely get the jungle dawns as well where I need help : problem 1 ,do I go 6% or 12 % (densely planted) chams will regularly receive natural sunlight, plants not worried if they die off. Which leads me to problem 2, supplements... I already have a box of crickets gut loading on fresh fruit veggies etc , will do roaches along with horn worm and silk when avail etc. I feel like I use to use repashy... I don’t want to use an expensive brand for the name brand. I spare no expense for my pets. ( I grind my own dog food ). I also know I don’t want to use the one that’s in every pet store (low quality). Which supplements should I be using? I hate seeing this question (among others ) answered in a riddle no d3 every feed,calwd3 2x monthly, multi vit 2x.....I know that what I can’t find is which brands are better and which if any cancel one out. Thank you so much for your time. I’ll be filling out husbandry form once I get everything going this week. Just want to finalize everything I need to order.
Juvenile Panther chameleon
Currently in a 30x30x18
Hibiscus /schefflera live plants and a jungle vine

Plant incandescent for 65w basking light ( will be changing )
Geting 1 hr natural sunlight outside per day. So please help me finalize. I tend to over analyze. Photo of setup was right after he went in. He has a lot of bright fluorescent and natural light in my kitchen. I’m redoing a wall specifically for Chams so this spot was out of the way to let him settle in. I also have an outdoor catio that I’ll be reinforcing and puting in potted plants for an outdoor safe space. It’s large enough that I can put 2 males ( under supervision) for enrichment. I’m super excited about diving back in. I couldn’t retrieve my old account. I also havent seen him eat , he seems to be more thirsty than anything. Fecal looks great. He does have two places just behind the head that are either an injury or stuck shed and dirt. So keeping an eye on it. He doesn’t have a name yet waiting to see his colors and personality. So far he’s fearless friendly and he bit me so I love him already.


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So, I'm going to tag @Beman because it depends with the uvb how far your branches are from the light and I dont remeber the exact numbers, I also cannot tell you what brand of supplements are scientifically better lol. These are the supplements I use if this helps.


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