Need tips on making a Veiled cage


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I really want to make a attractive cage thats really large, not trashy looking and safe and durable for my chameleon... i already have a male 5 month old veiled. and i want to move him to a bigger (the one i want to make) and buy a female and put her in his old large cage. so my questions for my do-it-yourself-ers, how do i do this? what material is safe for my little pablo? how do i make a door? and no wood, i don't want any mold. obviously it
needs to be mesh, but what type of frame can i use? i wish i could weld, this would be easy! any one have pics on cages they have made?? i can't afford a brand new one, and quite frankly, the plain rectangle shape is boring to me... i'm very artistic too... so ideas??
I made a 24x24x48 for Mr.Pink out of wood, and it cost pretty much as much as a pre-made jobby. It's real sturdy, and the benefit of wood is that it's really easy to attach branches and foliage.

Here's what mine pretty much looks like now:

If you are using wood and screen, it is not regularly cheaper.

You can use PVC pipe, but that won't give you a nice look.

You can buy screen moulding, spline, and screen, and your costs will be a bit lower, but the fit is hard to accomplish, and it tends to look like your first DIY attempt.

If you were to buy 2 screen cages from LLL in the 2x2x4 size, your cost would be about $225.00, shipped. Place them beside each other, and take the screen out on the 2 sides that touch each other, and you have a good looking large cage. The challenge is in attaching the 2 cages together so bugs don't escape. If you decide to go this way, PM me and I will go over it with you.

Your creativity can be expressed in how you furnish the cage, and those choices don't cost so much!!:D

i'm very artistic and think i could make one look pretty good... but if i water seal the wood, wouldn't the chemicals be bad for my veiled?? and the pic looks good of the home made cage btw ;) what do you use to attatch the mesh or screen to the wood? and i want to go with a nicer shape than just a square, thats why i'd like to make it myself. i got a vision in my head going...
You can buy non-toxic wood sealant. If you use that, it will be fine. As for attaching the screen, I used wood staples on mine.

If you do build a custom cage, post some photos when you're done - we all like seeing what others come up with! Good luck.
I'm nervous now! lol jk... I have a few ideas... I need to just start work! What about the bottom of the cage? The one I bought has a removable plastic bottom, should I do that? I'm tempted to turn an old cabinet into a cage... i seen pics of some and they looked awesome
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