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Hello everyone! my female laid her eggs today, an I’m concerned with the incubation process. I’ve been reading on chameleon forums I should have the temp at like 73-74 f, but not seeing much on the humidity. An do you guys use a incubator? I been seeing alot of people not use them. I did buy the hovabator but it only goes down to 80 degrees, they are in my dresser drawer right now temps at 78 degrees 99% humidity. I’m pretty sure that’s to hot. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Welcome to the forum! Kinyonga ua a smart lady with lots of knowledge about eggs and incubating them. She’ll help you.


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an just fyi, the reason I'm concerned about just leaving them in a closet is because I live in Pennsylvania, an our wheater fluctuates, and I don't have central air an heat, I use window a/c's for summer an radiator heaters for winter, so my house is honestly never one consistent temperature.
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