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hey everyone, back again for not tojos (my veiled cham) issue but a weather issue. Based on me living in Virginia we have hurricane coming that will take out power and in some places flooding, I just heard that power could be weeks. So if anyone has any ideas to we’re tojo could be okay. Let’s just hope powers not out for that long. So, off of that rant, what are some good things to start off with..


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This time of year, natural sunlight is your best bet. Indirect light from the sun will provide for your lighting needs. As for preparation before the storm, as with you and your needs, make sure to have plenty of water put aside for your animals. It would be a good idea to try to stock up on feeders now as well as there could be an issue with businesses and deliveries. It is more difficult when dealing with ways to heat up an enclosure when it is winter time and power goes out. Be safe and we are hoping for the best scenario! :)


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I agree... pure sunlight is absolutely best, if you have enclosure next to window though just make sure its wide open... the glass deflects most of the beneficial rays its needs
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