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-pleeease I need this answered as soon as you can-
Hi guys, I'm looking forward to having my first chameleon (veiled) by reading stuff and checking out this forums I'm getting prepared, I want to start with the cage, and my dad's business could help me build an steel one, but I would like alot to hear your input on both of my designs, and about the materials, this is my first cham and the first cage I'll make
-First about the materials, it would be mostly of stainless steel, one design, the double box one, has two sides made of stainless steel sheets "back and right side" front and left of screening ,and the top of a metalic weaving, the frames are also of stainless steel.
The single cage design is like many in this forums, a rectangular shaped cage, made of steel frames screening of front left and right, metalic weaving on top, and metal sheet on the back. dimensions 62h x 30Lx 27w, and I plan on buying a young one, so i'll include divisions at 30in from the top down, so it is not too big for the small chameleon. here is a pic of the basic design, and one of where I'm planning to place it

there are two boxes the single desing would just be the left box, and the double desing would be the whole red area, but would require the right side to be solid instead of screening.

please i need quick feed back because i want to send it to the shop tomorrow


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A quick note: Most chameleons benefit from being able to climb high enough to be above your head. Looking down at you gives them a sense of not being on the menu :). The tops of mine are at 81".
yeah i've read about that , thanks I'll try to give it some extra height about the right little extra box, i'm guessing it's a bad idea and an unnecesary complication, but it would look great there.. ha
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