Need info on backwater reptiles can someone help?


I purchased a male Panther chameleon from Backwater reptiles he had eye problem at first but it was from his shedding. I was going to buy a female from them but heard they were no a good place to go. Can someone fill me in?


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Unfortunately we are not allowed to "review" non site sponsors. Chameleon doesnt have the mod power, nor the lawyer power for a review section.

Some people may get in a few kicks before this topic gets locked, again. I will tell you backwater has changed alot over the last 7 years. 7 years ago it was a very loose group of spread out suppliers, no phone number, and the only contact was via fax or email. When you ordered a critter it could come from anywhere and anyone. That was the main reason why there was a huge variety in results. Now you can acually "go to" several of the backwater breeding/vetting sites, if you know the secret breeder handshake.

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I think with a little research of backwater reptiles experience, you will find your answer. What are you looking for? If I were you, I would get something from somebody who cares about what they are selling, there are quite a few of those people on this site, or site sponsors
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