Need ideas DIY enclosure! Please show me yours!


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Hey people. I’m new to the community had my lil girl for just a month. But I am moving and I will now have a room just for my reptiles. I was hoping anybody who had built they’re own enclosure could help me out with some ideas so far the only idea I have come up with is having a glass front with all other sides being screen. I want to build it roughly 5’ tall 4’ wide and 18”-24” inches deep. I also want to have some sort of removable tray for substrate. This will be a bio active set up with live plants. And I already have a auto misting system, some plants timer, lights ect. But I would love to see your diy setup. Btw I have a veiled who is only three to four months old . The pics posted is my lil girl and her current setup


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