NEED HOME: Rescued juvenile female panther chameleon


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I rescued a juvenile female panther chameleon two weeks ago and am trying to find a home for her. The person I rescued her from left her outside in the sun (no shade) waiting her to die from being egg bound. I do not believe she is egg bound as I have a laying bin for her and she has not laid eggs yet. She seems healthy, no sunken eyes, eating regularly and active. I have never owned a chameleon before and do not have the means to take care of her. If you or anyone you know wants a chameleon, please let me know!


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I will take her but next friday management is replacing floor in living room which should take about a week to do and all the banging and upheaval will cause her stress. But i can give a credit card to a good pet shipping co if you can cate fir her fir a couple of weeks. I am can emsil me at [email protected] and i will give you my number so we can chat about it.
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