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I want to but a chameleon that would be easy to handle and breed. Also one that would sell for the most. Can u guys help me pick one. I would not get one untill i move to a house wich would be in about a month so i should have enough time to learn about them and their needs.
Hi Butters,

A wise person on another forum once said something along these lines... "To make a million breeding chameleons, you need to start with a million."

Chameleons are not easy to keep, and even harder to breed. If you are going into the hobby with the idea that you will make lots of money breeding your animals, I am afraid you will be disappointed. The only chameleons that are being regularly and successfully bred in captivity are panthers and veileds. Some hobbyists are having success with other species, but that success is sporadic. This hobby, and chameleon husbandry in general, is not a perfect science. Good luck to you if this is the path that you choose to take.

No person who breeds chameleons, and let alone has no chameleons at the current moment, should even be thinking about making a profit from breeding chameleons... Which it is obvious that you are wishing to. Most breeders aren't making yearly net profit, even after their forth or fith year, then they have to slowely make back the money that was spent during the first years.

Selling chameleons should not be a goal. Successfully keeping your first two chameleons in top health from the juvinile stage that you buy them at, until they are the age when breeding is safe, should be your goal. Making profit, let alone breeding, should not be on your mind, as you need to concentrate on keeping chameleons alive. Stray from your goal once... and the tragic effects are often irreversible.
yea i though a bout it and im first going to buy one. What do u guys think i should get? I am willing to spend 200 bucks on one.
Thanks for the links it gave me an idea on how to take care of chameleons.
It seems that it takes much work to breed these reptiles so i wont go into that ill just own one. So what do u guys recommend for a starter one.
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