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Hello everyone!

today I accidentally left the dripper on all day when I went to work (usually run it for couple hours when I wake up and when I get home) and a little pool of water formed on a ledge. My chameleon pooped in the water and I picked it up with paper towel (which might’ve smashed it a little) and noticed it wreaked! I know bad smelly poop is a bad sign and I just got him two weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to take him to the vet yet (plan on it next week). Should I be worried? I know usually there’s a film around the poop and in the past I have lightly scooped his poop up when it’s been on a dry area and it hasn’t smelled at all. Maybe the water or paper towel grab broke that seal? Any info you can lend on monitoring poop would be awesome. I plan on getting fecal tests done annually but there must be something you can keep an eye out for or etc. the urate was bright white btw. Thank you!


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It might be because it was sitting in a pool of water for an extended period of time, and it may not be a concern if his other poops have appeared normal. However, it's always a good idea to have a fecal done for a new cham to rule out parasites anyways.

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Hi as standard could you please fill in a husbandry form this can be found in the health section how to ask for help. And if you could post some pictures of you cham and full enclosure top to bottom and the great people on here can help
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