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I'm very new to the chameleon world and just filled out a form that asked many questions about my care for him. he has a very healthy appetite, maybe too heathy, and over all seems to be doing well. he is mostly an olive green color though, only changing color to lime green when he sleeps. if anyone has the time to go over my answers to this questionnaire and please comment id really appreciate it. thanks

your chameleon - Chamaeleo calyptratus (Vailed Chameleon), sold as a male, not sure of age but he's close to 8"ish, he's been with me for about 3 months.
handling - only to remove him from the cage when cleaning.
feeding- at the moment he is eating around 8-10 lg crickets, 3-5 wax worms and possibly a sm super worm daily. meal worms and red runner roaches are offered but are rarely eaten. wax worms are the fav for sure.
supplements - Rep-Cal brand with both multi vit and calcium. food is dusted 6 days a week with calcium and 1 day a week with multi vit.
watering- using a waterfall machine and misting once a day for about 15-20 sec. i see him drink often.
fecal description - oblong shaped with around 1/4 urine (white) and the rest a dk brown. 1-2 pieces sometimes around 1-2 cm each. looks soft and wet when coming out but is a solid mass though.
history - i have no known history about him

cage type - reptibreeze, all screen, 18x18x24
lighting- 1 zoomed reptisun 5.0 12" beam in the back of cage, then in a double dome in the middle with his 60w daylight blue zoomed heating light plus another reptisun 5.0 bulb 13w. UVB lights are on for 12hrs a day.
temperature- basking 91-97, ambient 77ish, lowest overnight 68. i have a digital temp and humidity gauge placed in those spots.
humidity - levels are mostly in the high 30's to low 40's with out misting. there
Plants- i have a live ficus plant that he really seems to love and a few other smaller live plants that came from josh's frogs and were deemed safe to use. also i have a few larger fake plants which he also seems to like. there are also vines and spider wood.
placement - the cage is in the living room where there is some activity. i live alone so its pretty much only me moving about. i do have an 8lbs dog but she never goes near the cage and its up on a table about 3.5' up. the top of the cage 4.5' from the ground.
location - boulder, CO, USA

please give me much advice as to what i should be doing differently and better. i want this chameleon to thrive!
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